We are waaay behind on this update.

And speaking of cute behinds behind, check this out! Last year on International Tell Your Crush Day, a really prominent famous popular blog, (Right? You’ve all heard of this one even though I hadn’t before because I’m just behind the times in general, right?) captainawkward.com, made ITYCD even more of a big deal than it was before!

A Fake Holiday We Can Get Behind

There are still 7 hours left in International Tell Your Crush Day (Central Daylight Time).

Obviously, not all crushes need to be acted on or acknowledged. Sometimes crushes are there to light up your day, remind you of some aspect of yourself or humanity that you admire, or motivate you to brush your hair before you leave the house.

But some crushes are people who might put their pretty faces on your pretty face…if you asked them nicely.

What kind of crush is your crush? Are you gonna do something about it?


Go check out their post, and read through the comments for a great example of what NOT to do on ITYCD this year. Though it’s plenty of fun to sit around reading about other people’s crushes, the point of this day is not to anonymously tell strangers about that shirtless cutie who goes running past your friend’s house. You can do that on any of the other 364 days of the year! Get out there and set up that lemonade stand, people!

While you’re visiting captain awkward, please ignore their use of the word “fake.” There is nothing unreal about Crush Telling and setting aside a sacred day for it. But the only way to make it real is to, well… make it real! Start spreading the word! Three months should be enough time for your crushers to memorize the day May 7th… and act on it when it comes around.



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