It’s the 10th Anniversary of International Tell Your Crush Day!

Dear Friends!

You may have noticed that we changed the tagline on this web page. It used to say “May 7th since 1985.” Yes. We admit it. We lied. Back in 2007, it was the second year we were celebrating, and when we set up this site, we thought that “Hey y’all. We invented this thing last year. Do it with us.” just didn’t sound very convincing. So we made it up.

Where did we get 1985, you ask? Well I don’t know this for sure, but I suspect it might have had something to do with a certain founder of this holiday having a crush on a certain very cute person who was born that year, who may have been the reason this whole thing got off the ground in the first place. Our very own Helen of ITYCD. The face that launched a thousand crush tellings. Or more. And counting.

But now suddenly, it has snuck up on us! 10 years! That sounds so legit!  This IS so legit!

And so much has happened in those 10 years. People have fallen in love. Relationships have begun, blossomed, and some of them have ended. There have been beautiful walks through wildflower woods. There have been insane crush triangles. And rectangles. And a few shapes that look like really lopsided zig-zaggy pentagons in locations with high ITYCD participating populations, as reported to us by some representatives of a coalition of tree-hugging do-gooders in southern Appalachia. There has been great joy, small doses of good-for-you-cause-it-makes-you-feel-human sorrow, and a few friendships that got awkward for a minute, and then got better a week later.

And heck, there could be 9 year old children alive who were conceived because of International Tell Your Crush Day! This only just occurred to us. OH. MY. GOODNESS. If you have a child who exists as the result of a crush revelation inspired by ITYCD, WE HAVE TO KNOW! Please email us at

And even if not. Feel free to send us any other success stories, requests for (imperfect) advice, lessons learned as a result of ITYCD, or anything else you want us to know. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Love and springtime bats in the sky,

Minister of Communication, Society for the Advancement of the Crush Agenda



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